Bored game

Board game

Bored game

This image is of a concept board layout for my board game.

board game

My bored game what’s a loose mix of Candyland and talisman. I kind of wanted to make a cake a Dungeon Crawl sort of game see if that would still fit in to a simple Candyland format. We went through some of real faces with this project or as we like to call them sprint. This happens to be my concept board that I used to make the actual board game. The main parts of this game consisted of cards, dice, board spaces, and character pieces. The cards were split up into two types event and item you obtained one of these by landing on a card space. There was one other space on the board it is a fall space which places you on the floor below. If you pulled in event card on a card spot that card now replaces that spot and whoever lands there has to deal with that event. If the cards and item card the item will give you special effect based on that card. The movement system was based off of a six sided dice the same as the fighting system. The win the game you have to make it to the end of the board and Beat the Boss. The boss acted as an event but everyone has to get past. This specific rules were to be marked on the in space. His abilities and when something like. On his role if it was three or lower he missed, if it was four or five you moved back one space and if it was 6 you fell down to the floor below.

I think this was a good way to start making video games or any type of game in general. We learn the processes of agile. We learned of different industry tools and standards as we’ve looked up different board games for inspiration. I played this game with family and friends to gather feedback and help me and prove it as if I actually was doing an alpha or beta test of the game. Overall like they think this experience will help me achieve my goal of becoming a videogame designer in the future. I will definitely going to learn more and continue to better myself in this field.

Standards: Cluster of Industry Applications, Delivery Platforms & Systems, Tools & Processes, Collaboration and Communication in Groups

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